Interesting Facts from CBP

Ever wonder how the cargo flows securely to the U.S.?

Consider the following actions taken by CBP which helps them determine the security level for every shipment coming in to the United States.


  • More than 11 million cargo containers arrive on ships and are offloaded at U.S. Seaports each year.
  • CBP uses risk-based analysis and intelligence to pre-screen, assess, and examine 100% of suspicious containers.
  • Remaining cargo is cleared for entry to the U.S. using advanced inspection technology.


  • Shipping Companies are required, 24 hours in advance, to provide manifest data for all cargo containers destined for the U.S.
  • 100% of this data is then transmitted to the U.S. National Targeting Center Cargo for screening to identify high-risk cargo.
  • Under the Container Security Initiative, CBP partners with foreign customs authorities to examine all U.S.-bound high-risk cargo while it is still at foreign ports.

For more information on what CBP is doing to secure our entry ports, please visit their website at: