Export: SSN Elimination Update

Per the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) Social Security Numbers (SSN) will not be accepted as a valid USPPI (exporter) ID as of December 3, 2009. Any Authorized Agent that files on behalf of customers using an SSN as the USPPI ID need to notify their customers that they need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). USPPIs can obtain an EIN by visiting
www.irs.gov/businesses/small and selecting “Employer ID Numbers (EIN)”.

Once USPPIs obtain their EIN, they must provide the ID to their Authorized Agent.

FAQ about USPPI:
Q: Who is the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI)?

A: The person in the United States that receives the primary benefit monetary or otherwise of the export transaction.

Q: Who can be the USPPI?

A: Generally, the USPPI can be:

* U.S. Seller (wholesaler/distributor) of the merchandise for export.
* U.S. Manufacturer if selling the merchandise for export.
* U.S. Order Party – Party who directly negotiated between the U.S. seller and foreign buyer and received the order for the export of the merchandise.
* Foreign Entity if in the U.S. when items are purchased or obtained for export.

Q: Who cannot be the USPPI?

A: The forwarding agent or the consolidator cannot be listed as the U.S. Principal Party in Interest on the AES record.

Source: AESDirect