U.S. Rail Operation Hours – Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is a major US Holiday and all MSC-USA offices and Amoy International will be closed.

Train service will continue to operate throughout the long Holiday weekend; however, delays of 24-48 hours are anticipated as the railroads will attempt to minimize and curtail network operations so that the railroad crews may observe Thanksgiving with their families.

CSX and BNSF railroads consider both Thursday and Friday as Holidays–these two days will count as additional free days at the destination ramps (only if they fall within the scheduled free time period). Normal storage charges will apply if the free time expires prior to or on Wednesday, November 25th.

Export rail Cut-offs should be reviewed and adjusted based on the anticipated 48 hour delays and ramp closures.

Truck capacity may be somewhat limited due to the short work week and 48 hours notice may be required prior to dispatch!

Please see below for the listing of the US rail ramps along with the hours of operation for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Please note that some ramps are open throughout, while others may be closed entirely during this period. It is important that our clients are informed to retrieve their cargo within the normal free time period or they risk paying storage charges even though the ramps may be closed.

If you have any questions regarding the above information or holiday freight release schedules, please contact our office at (626) 855-3077. We appreciate your time and attention.

Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving!