Congestion, Chassis & Strike!

The Port of Long Beach has been experiencing congestion due to a limited amount of dock space and loading equipment. This has caused a great delay in loading and unloading all ocean freight. Not only has this affected all local west coast ports but as well as business throughout the country, leaving many business owners with little to no merchandise.

Loading equipment isn’t the only object ports are falling short on. Carriers are now facing a shortage in chassis, thus delaying any deliveries of goods throughout the country.

As we get closer to the PMA and ILWU Negotiations deadline, we will be expecting even more complications at ports. For those of you who aren’t aware of the ILWU Negotiations, there is a deadline of June 30th to come to an agreement with contracts regarding 2014 healthcare cost and ILWU jurisdiction. West Coast ports including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Portland, Seattle and Tacoma will all be affected. If an agreement is not made by July 1, 2014 all imports and exports will be experiencing delays that can take up to several weeks to recover from.

However, all ports and truckers are taking serious measures to get all freight moved out on time to avoid any further delays.