Port Congestion Surcharge Invoice from Carrier – Port of Long Beach / Los Angeles

Source: www.joc.com


After receiving notice from carrier in regards to West Coast Ports, cost of importing has increased. Carriers are taking action by adding a surcharge to all incoming containers ranging from $800 to $1125.
Below message from carrier:

To: Our Valued Asia Import Customer
Port Congestion Surcharge Invoice
Reference our trade notice of today, regrettably, events on the US West Coast are negatively affecting cargo operations and forcing UASC to implement its Port Congestion Surcharge on all cargo discharging at US West Coast ports on and after Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at the quantum referenced in our Trade Notice of April 18, 2014 –
• US$800 per 20’ container
• US$1000 per 40’ container
• US$1125 per 40’ high cube container

This surcharge is payable on a freight collect basis, unless otherwise agreed by UASC and the shipper.
We will continue to closely monitor West Coast operations and the dialogue between the PMA and ILWU so to withdraw this surcharge once the situation returns to normal.
Please use this letter as an invoice and remit payment with your B/L number as a reference.
For further information, please contact your local UASC account representative or 800.GO1.UASC.
United Arab Agencies, Inc.