Bicyclist killed by cargo container, authorities continue investigation


Bicyclist killed after cargo container slides off flatbed truck, falls on him in Long Beach
Bicyclist killed after cargo container slides off flatbed truck, falls on him in Long Beach

Devastating news broke out Tuesday, when it was reported a bicyclist was crushed from a cargo container that came off of the flatbed during transport. Bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene, Wednesday authorities identified the man as Robert Castorena, 51 of Long Beach CA.

Castorena was traveling on Santa Fe Ave towards Warnock way at about 5:05pm when a shipping container struck a bridge causing it to come off the flat bed and land on bicyclist Castorena. Residents stated it is common to witness truckers scrape the bottom of that same bridge. Witness David Alva had previously seen a similar incident on Monday, fortunately no one was hurt. “I seen the container tipped over and I was like another one? Because yesterday I seen the same incident, and I was like all bad,” said David Alva, a witness. Alva was able to capture footage of the accident that took place on Monday.

Investigators are currently working with the driver to get more details on what took place. The truck is based out of Cedar City, UT, company Western Pride Inc was reached for comment but did not respond.

“What we’ve got happening here is drivers who are paid by the load instead of by the hour, and so they’re just having to drive faster and faster and cut corners, and we’ve seen so many accidents; people losing their lives,” said Barbara Maynard with Teamsters.Teamsters has stepped in and are demanding trucking companies to take action before other lives are lost.

“Really it should be the responsibility of these large trucking companies who contract directly with Amazon, Proctor & Gamble, Toyota, Walmart, the owners of this cargo, who really should be following the law and making sure that everybody is safe because these trucks are lethal,” said Maynard.

The Los Angeles county Sheriffs department are continuing the investigation, as for now it has not been announced if the driver will face criminal charges.