Thanksgiving Trends making their way to a table near you!

Setting Thanksgiving trends since 1942
Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving.Setting Thanksgiving trends since 1942
Setting Thanksgiving trends since 1942
Now that Halloween is over and a thing of the past major retailers are hauling out the jingle bells and candy canes. But wait! What about the holiday that brings families and friends together to fight over a Turkey leg? Although Thanksgiving could be underestimated it is dominantly holding it’s spot on the calendar. So before you start hanging your stockings and tinsel let’s see what Thanksgiving trends have been gaining popularity around tables near you.
  1. Crème Brule pumpkin pie– Fire up the blow torch and put a twist on your not so average pumpkin pie.
  2. Creamed Kale– kale is the next big thing; people are ditching the green beans and serving kale as their popular green side dish.
  3. Cornbread stuffing– An oldie but goodie, this dish is still making its way to tables this Thanksgiving.
  4. Glazed Turkey– For your modern gravy lovers
  5. Brussels sprouts – Not as popular as kale, but surely in the running for the next green side dish.
  6. Bacon wrapped Turkey– Is an explanation necessary? Now a day’s bacon can be added to almost anything edible.
  7. Deep Fried Turkey– No this isn’t your local fair but with the proper equipment fried Turkey might just be the next big thing.
  8. Tofurkey– For those who are vegan or vegetarian, tofurkey gives you the comfort of your Thanksgiving meal in an animal friendly manner.
  9. Cranberry Salsa-   Ditched the can and spice up the table with a modern spin on your cranberry dish
  10. No bake Sautéed Candied yams– Did I hear no bake? This buttery soulful substitute turns a family recipe into a five star restaurant side dish.

Family recipes tend to be the big hit around a Holiday table and a complete switch can be tough. So whether you switch out a dish or combine the old with the new, have fun and enjoy the reason behind this years gathering. Happy Holidays from the Amoy team!