Your Ultimate Guide To Black Friday Shopping

Credit:Nov 6, 2015 5:34 PM EST


With Black Friday only a few weeks away, economic gurus are starting to piece together what consumers can actually expect from the gateway to the holiday shopping season.

Of course, Black Friday deals are already happening, as the entire month of November now serves as an extended prelude to the holiday shopping season. But despite rumors of its demise, Black Friday itself still remains an unrivaled consumer frenzy experience. Right now, that experience looks highly active, and highly expensive, too, relative to 2015. The latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, which highlights expected Black Friday, Cyber Monday and overall holiday season shopping trends, offers a few choice nuggets for holiday consumers flexing their financial muscles for the day after Thanksgiving (and in many cases, at the stroke of midnight on Thanksgiving.)

Here’s what Amex says we can all expect from holiday shoppers on Black Friday:

– Overall just under 45% of consumers plan to shop on “Black Friday” and another 47% say they will shop on Cyber Monday (45% and 47%. More affluent shoppers plan on participating in “Black Friday” than one year ago (56% vs. 46% in 2014), according to Amex.

– U.S. consumers expect to spend an average of $584 (vs. $501 in 2014) on Black Friday. 62% of Americans plan to have completed up to 50% of their holiday shopping by the day after Thanksgiving.

– Shoppers are getting up early, or in some cases, not going to bed at all. 55% of Black Friday shoppers plan to shop between the hours of 12 a.m. and 7 a.m., while 67% say their shopping will include both online and in-store.

– In addition, most holiday consumers have a total of eight gift recipients on their “to do” list, and plan to spend $839, on average, on gifts during the entire holiday season. Gift cards (57%) are the top choice of holiday shoppers, followed by clothing and accessories (47%) and toys and games (44%), Amex reports.

“Consumers love a good deal, and many are planning to search for the latest and greatest on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year,” notes Jed Scala, senior vice president of consumer lending at American Express. “The purchases won’t stop there, however, as we expect to also see steady spending throughout the holiday season in a number of areas including travel and entertainment.”

But if past really is prologue, the relatively soft Halloween holiday spending this year could foreshadow a weaker Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Credit:Nov 6, 2015 5:34 PM EST