Long Beach ports continue to Strive

IMG_0192 (800x533) In addition to earning awards such as “Best Seaport in North America” and “most social,” and being regularly recognized for its environmental efforts, the Port of Long Beach racked up a few more awards November 2-4 at the 2015 Annual American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) Awards.

“These awards are a source of tremendous pride for the Port of Long Beach,” said CEO Jon Slangerup in a statement. “Our team works tirelessly to advance Long Beach’s initiatives and projects. Being recognized not once, not twice, but 22 times by the North and South American port association is an exceptional salute from our peers.”

Specifically, the port was honored for three programs, “Virtual Port,” the “West Anaheim Street Improvement Project” and campaigns that made use of the “Better Together” tagline, winning 20 communications awards in all.

The “Virtual Port” program received the AAPA Best Information Technology Award, for its ability to allow the port’s security team to monitor the harbor with surveillance tools and shipping and transit data.

The “West Anaheim Street Improvement Project” won the Best Environmental Improvement Award for the sustainable design practices it uses in the beautification and modernization of a heavily-traveled corridor in the harbor district. Such practices include drought-resistant landscaping and low-energy lighting, as well as a strong public outreach program, building transparency.

Community outreach programs using the tagline “Better Together,” alluding to collaborations between stakeholders and the port, won for best advertisements.


Article: http://lbpost.com/business/trade-transportation/2000007550-port-of-long-beach-wins-more-distinguished-awards-for-environment-security-and-communications